Ceylan Atuk started her arts studies in Switzerland, and then continued her studies specializing in painting in several art studios in istanbul. She joined the family owned cloths design business, Ceylan Giyim cloths manufacturing company, and worked as a fashion designer and then as a fashion consultant there.

She found herself attracted to photography and with the background she had in arts and design, she believed in creating a unique style of her own in photography.

She loved the feeling of capturing every moment in life and making it everlasting.

She started her studies in photography at Bilgi University, Istanbul and continued as student of photography working with outstanding photographers in Turkey.

This learning, exploring and experiencing process still goes on for her. She has won several awards in the photography contests she joined. She has also specialized in photoshop to add her touch  to her photographs.

“I feel grateful to every artist that helped me form a strong foundation and approach in the art of photography.” She says. She currently works freelance at her own art studio.